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PBEQ Solver
The PBEQ Solver calculates and visualizes the electrostatic potential of your molecule by solving the Poisson-Boltzmann (PB) equation. This module allows you to calculate
  • Electrostatic potential and solvation energy ,
  • Protein-protein electrostatic interaction energy , and
  • pKa of a titratible residue
in both aqueous solvent and membrane environments. Users can specify various physical parameters for PB calculations and interactively visualize the calculated electrostatic potential on the solvent-accessible surface as well as iso-electrostatic potential contours.

Online visualization is working now!

Please note that
  • All the calculations are performed with coarse grid spacing (1.5 Angstrom before and 1 Angstrom after focusing) for efficient calculation and visualization. It is recommended to use 1 ~ 1.5 Angstrom before and at least 0.5 Angstrom after focusing in practical applications by using the provided inputs.
  • A protein dielectric constant is set to 1, but a user can adjust it if necessary.
  • The OPM PDB does not contain "TER" between ATOM and HETATM, so that CHARMM-GUI often fails to recognize ligand molecules. In such case, the user should manually insert "TER" in appropriate places.
References for PBEQ Solver:

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